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Group Stage Fixtures Have Been Loaded For Our European Championship Prediction Game
Minimum £1,100 Up For Grabs - The More That Play The More We Pay
Only £10 To Enter (Play Twice & Get A Third Go FREE)
Please Read Our Rules In The 'How To Win' Section

Choose your five

Choose your five!

Home, Draw or Away? The player(s) with the highest winning score over the weekend will win the cash prize for the specified points total

Entry fee is £5 per game

Entry fee

It’s £5 per game (FIRST GAME FREE). You will automatically be directed to our secure payment page once you have chosen your five predictions.

Check the results

Check the results

Results are released at 8pm on Sundays. Login and check the main leaderboard and your own custom league

Custom Leaderboards

Compete with your friends and colleagues

How much can I win?

There is a minimum of £500 per week in the cash pool

Below is a chart to show how much you can win (on the left side, in GBP) with the following winning scores.

If the player wins less than £500 then the remaining money rolls over into the PitchFive Pot for the following week
Example: The winner gets 13 points and wins £300 meaning the remaining £200 rolling over into the PitchFive Pot for the following week.

We also have a monthly prize of £200 and an annual prize of £1,000 along with an end of season game prize of £2,000

The more that play, the more we pay

The more people that play each week the greater the cash prizes are

Five matches

Exactly five matches!

Home, Draw or Away? That’s all you need to choose from your five predictions

Win the weekly cash pool

Win the weekly cash pool

There’s a minimum of £500 in the weekly cash pool plus the accumulated money in the PitchFive pot!

First play free


It’s free to register! Don’t forget to tell your friends and colleagues

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Predict your 5 results from the 70+ weekend games listed

All of the major leagues

About PitchFive

Born from the love of the beautiful game, a group of friends got together and created a weekly tournament to see who could predict the results on each of the weekend’s matches.

Plenty of banter, everyone an expert, unbelievable results and last minute goals breaking hearts.

We thought... Why not share this game with others? So, Pitchfive was born. Please play and have fun!

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How can we help?

We’d love to answer any questions you have about our game. Fill out this form and a member of our team will respond via email within 24 hours

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