How to Win


What is PitchFive

Predict the outcome of 5 matches (Home/Draw/Away) from the 70+ matches listed. Each outcome comes with its own points value (1-4).

The Player(s) who accumulates the highest points after the weekend’s games will win or share the pool of money.

It’s £5 per game – 20 points is the magic number! How close can you get?

How to Play

1. Registration
Register yourself to the PITCHFIVE website by clicking on the red ‘Join Now’ button in the centre of the home page.

Enter your name, email address, date of birth, postcode, password, username and how you heard about us.

Then check the boxes to say you understand our terms and conditions and check the PitchFive newsletter Box if you wish to receive weekly information.

Finally select the green ‘Register’ button, you will now receive an email from Pitchfive asking you to confirm your email address, once selected this will re-direct you to your PitchFive profile page.

2. Lost/Reset Password
Click the Login button on the landing page then click on the ‘Lost Password’ link this will ask you to input your email address then select ‘Get New Password’ button.

Once selected it will state ‘Check your e-mail for the confirmation link’ You will receive an email which will ask you to click on the “Reset Password” button, this will re-direct you to the reset password page where you can enter your new password.

3. How to Play
Predict the results (home, draw or away) of 5 matches from the 70+ listed in the fixtures tab, each prediction has it's own specified points value between 1 to 4 points.
To select your predictions, click on either the Home, Draw or the Away box from the chosen match and this will automatically place your selection in the “your prediction slip” at the side of the page (at the foot of the page in mobile version).
If your points total is the highest on the weekly leaderboard after the games have finished on Sunday you will win the specified cash prize below depending on your total!

The maximum points total that can be gained from your 5 predictions is 20 points, typical seasons average winning score is 13.5 points!

If you have any questions please feel free to email our support team at [email protected]

4. Make your Predictions
Now you’re ready to play, please select five teams from the games listed under the ‘Fixtures’ tab at the top of the website. Each team will have a specified points value attached ranging between 1 to 4 points.

To select your predictions, click on either the Home, Draw or the Away box from the chosen match and this will automatically place your selection in the “your prediction slip” at the side of the page.

Once you have selected your five predictions click the submit button and you will re-directed to our secure payment page. 
After making payment your selections will be emailed to you and they will also be listed in the ‘My Prediction’ tab found in your profile section.

The cut off to select your predictions is before the kick off time, you will not be able to enter after this time if you have not already done so.

Results are taken from the full time result and does not include extra time or penalties.

5. Postponed Fixtures
If a pre-selected match becomes abandoned due to whatever reason you will have the option to re-select your predictions as long as none of your other predictions have kicked off.

Select your profile section, then ‘My Predictions’ and locate your prediction slip in the ‘Awaiting Predictions’ column. If none of your fixtures have kicked off you will see Delete Slip in the top right hand corner of the prediction slip which will allow you to delete the slip in question and place a credit under your username for you to re-select your predictions.

If any of your matches have kicked off the outcome of the postponed fixture will be determined by the decision of the ‘pools panel’ if for whatever reason the ‘Pools Panel’ cannot make the decision this will be made by the PITCHFIVE panel.

6. Payment
Payment can only be made after you have selected your 5 predictions and selected the ‘Submit’ button. You will be re-directed to the to the Secure Payment Gateway where you can input your card details.

If you wish, you can store your card details and also add credits to your account making your playing experience easier on return (all payments are processed on top level encryption)

7. View your Selections
To view your selections, click on the ‘My Predictions’ tab located in your profile section and view your selections under ‘Awaiting Predictions’

To view your previous selections, click on the ‘My Predictions ’ tab located in your profile section and scroll down the ‘Previous Predictions’ column until you reach the relevant date to view.

The player(s) with the most points accumulated from their five matches for the week will win the weekly cash prize (If scores are tied the prize will be shared out equally between the relevant players)

The above also applies for both monthly and yearly leaderboards.

8. Leaderboards
We have three standard leaderboards displaying the weekly, monthly and yearly results, these leaderboards will automatically be updated on Sunday evening for you to check your position.

If you would like to see a previous weekly leaderboard email [email protected] with your request

9. Custom Leaderboards
You can compete against your friends and colleagues by setting up your own custom leaderboard(s)

To set up your own custom leaderboard select the ‘Leaderboards’ tab in your profile section and then create ‘Custom Leaderboard’ 

Now select a custom leaderboard name and add your users by typing their username in the user’s pane.

Finally select the Create button this will display ‘Custom leaderboard created successfully’ and also send an email to the user(s) inviting them to accept or decline your request.

If you do not hear back from the user(s) you may select the ‘Force Start’ tab which will extract any user(s) that have not accepted your request from the created custom leaderboard.

Custom leaderboards will be updated on Sunday evening by 8pm

You must register first to be eligible to play on the PITCHFIVE website and you must be 18 years of age or over to register.

10. How can I Win?
The player(s) with the highest points total for the week, month and yearly leaderboards will win the prize stipulated (if the points are tied the prize will be shared between the winners)

There is an end of season prize which will be contested on the last game of the season between the top 50 on the annual leaderboard.

The player(s) with the highest points in this last game will win the end of season prize (if the points are tied the prize money will be shared between the winners)

Prize money will be paid within 7 working days via bank transfer from our associated bank, prize money will only be paid into a personal registered bank account bearing the full name of the registered player.

11. PitchFive Promo’s
Throughout the season PitchFive will be running promotions which will have their own set of rules and guidelines, we have listed these below:

Introduce a Friend – if you introduce a friend to register and play our game PitchFive will give you a £5 credit every week they play (maximum £25 in credits)

Multiple Slips – if you play twice in the same week PitchFive will give you a £5 credit to use on a 3rd slip, this credit must be used in the same week. (PitchFive will only add your highest winning slip to the monthly and yearly leaderboards)

PitchFive Pot – each week £50 will be added to the PitchFive Pot from our weekly game. The PitchFive Pot will increase each week until won or until it reaches £5,000, the remaining weekly rollover money will then form a secondary pot to replace the £5,000 once this has been won. To win this cash prize you must have the highest winning score of 18 points and above (on one slip)

Please read our full Terms & Conditions before playing.

Email us 

We aim to answer all emails within a couple of working hours (mon-fri). If your enquiry is urgent or related to a previous game you played with us, please use the call back form instead.

[email protected]

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