Where do I choose my teams?
Select your five teams from the games listed under the ‘Fixtures’ tab at the top of the website or in your profile section. Each team will have a specified points value attached ranging between 1 to 4 points.

When are results released?
Results are released on Sunday 8pm and the winner(s) will be contacted within 48hrs by email.

What are your terms and conditions?
Our full terms and conditions can be read here.

How do I pay?
Payment will be taken after you have selected your 5 predictions, you will be re-directed to the Secure Payment Gateway where you can input your card details.
Our payments are all processed on top level encryption.

How much can I win?
We offer a minimum of £500 per week with the cash pool growing depending on how many people are playing. Plus we also have a monthly prize of £200 and an annual prize of £1,000 along with an end of season game prize of £2,000

Are you registered with the Gambling Commission?
Pitchfive is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission (licence number 46307)

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