How do I play?
Each prediction has it's own specified points total between 1 to 4 points.
To select your predictions, click on either the Home, Draw or the Away box from the chosen match and this will automatically place your selection in the “your prediction slip” at the side of the page (at the foot of the page in mobile version).
If your points total is the highest on the weekly leaderboard after the games have finished on Sunday you will win the specified cash prize below depending on your total!

The maximum points total that can be gained from your 5 predictions is 20 points, our first seasons average winning score was 13.5 points!

How do I pay?
It's £5 per play and payment will be taken after you have selected your 5 predictions, you will be re-directed to the Secure Payment Gateway where you can input your card details (our payments are all processed on top level encryption)

If you have stored credits these will supersede any payments

How much can I win?
There is a minimum of £500 per week in the cash pool (depending on how many people play)

Below is a chart to show how much you can win with the following winning points.

Between 1 to 8 points wins £100 (£400 rolling over into PitchFive Pot)
Between 9 to 11 points wins £200 (£300 rolling over into PitchFive Pot)
Between 12 to 14 points wins £300 (£200 rolling over into PitchFive Pot)
Between 15 to 17 points wins £400 (£100 rolling over into PitchFive Pot)
Between 18 to 20 points wins £500 (plus the accumulated PitchFive pot)

We also have a monthly prize of £200 and an annual prize to the value of £1,000 along with an end of season game prize to the value of £2,000

How many times can i play in the same week?
If you play twice in the same week PitchFive will give you a £5 credit to use on a 3rd slip, this credit must be used in the same week. (PitchFive will only add your highest winning slip to the monthly and yearly leaderboards)

When are the results released?
PitchFive displays live leaderboards every weekend so you can see how you are progressing, you can also view another players selections by clicking on their name (only after 3pm on Saturday)
Final results are released on Sunday 8pm and the winner(s) will be contacted within 48hrs by email.

What happens if matches are called off?
If a pre-selected match becomes abandoned due to whatever reason you will have the option to re-select your predictions as long as none of your other predictions have kicked off.
Enter 'My Predictions' in the profile section and then locate your prediction slip in the 'Awaiting Predictions' column, If none of your fixtures have kicked off you will see Delete Slip in the top right hand corner of the prediction slip which will allow you to delete the slip in question and place a credit under your username for you to re-select your predictions.

If any of your matches have kicked off the outcome of the postponed fixture will be determined by the decision of the ‘pools panel’ (www.footballpools.com/announcements) if for whatever reason the ‘Pools Panel’ cannot make the decision this will be made by the PITCHFIVE panel.

If in the extreme case that the majority of matches do become postponed due to severe weather conditions and PitchFive feel the remaining fixtures will not be adequate to offer the player a fair game, PITCHFIVE may make the decision to abandon the current week's predictions, refunding any participating players their entry fees.

What are your terms and conditions?
Our full terms and conditions can be read here.

Are you registered with the Gambling Commission?
Pitchfive is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission (licence number 46307)

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